Who is Lucine?

Lucine is the poetic alias of Juno, the goddess of birth, newborns and breastmilk.

We just could not think of anything better to name our breastfeeding apparel !Lucine

Maison Lucine is a 100% green, 0 waste, ethical and cruelty free designer brand.

We are actively engaged in women empowerment as we only work with women and mothers locally but also in Nepal in order to help them emancipate economically and gain more autonomy.

Far from any breastmilk judgmental activism -a mom does not need any added pressure on any of her choice, breastmilk or bottle!-, Maison Lucine simply has the ambition to free the breastfeeding mothers from embarrassment by creating elegant and ingenious nursing apparel.

Our Patent pending invisible opening systems enable that goal.

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