How to Prepare a TV commercial for a breastfeeding clothing line ?


THAT IS A DIFFICULT QUESTION! Particularly when you are no movie director like me!

So there I was, with a great product available on line and in stores but no media presence for mothers to know that I exist.

And the strangest thing happened! A good star sent me a Photography Director, in the name of Dashawn Willoughby, that I met months ago in San Francisco.

Willing to expand his portfolio, he wanted to see if I needed to direct a commercial spot! OF COURSE I DID! :-)

We met and he advised me to start blogging about the ups and downs of making a fashion clothing line grow. So here I am now, sharing my experience to you who might come across my blog post and grant me with your attention.

So where do you start ? You start by letting go. My company is my baby and I'm passionate about it so it is hard to trust someone to shoot for you because I want to control the message and the image. But, hey, I cannot do it all so it is better to trust someone unknown -because, face it, when you start you don't exactly have the budget to hire De Palma- than staying invisible.

What is important is to give a clear explanation of the values you want to show in the spot, with adjectives and examples of videos you like and do not like so that the Director can then express his idea for the spot.

So I said that I want my video to show what the brand's purpose is : to let mothers nurse easily, elegantly and discreetly. The values are simplicity and socially conscious ethics. 

breastfeeding mother

It is also important to do my own criticism of what went wrong in the past to do a better job. Failure has to drive to success.

After a few hours and talking and looking at the dresses, the pictures already taken and videos, we decided on a theme, a place, a time, an angle to present the video and the actresses we needed. I am lucky that I have 2 good friends that breastfeed so this part is easy for me!

Then it is important to write down all this brainstorming in order to keep focus and track of the next steps.

We shoot saturday june 3rd so stay tuned and read how it went next week!


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