The Designer - La Créatrice

 Ingrid Hervé-Mignucci is a French designer for mothers and a mom herself.

She breastfed her three children in three different countries and two continents: the first one in France, the second in Italy and the third in America.

Each country posed the same challenge: finding breastfeeding dresses that were elegant and comfortable, as well as flattering her silhouette.  She did not want to continue wearing her pregnancy dresses, neither wanted she to expose her skin and breast while performing this intimate task. Not by shame or fear or bad looks because she overcame them a long time ago. Just by wish to not feel undressed.

One day, the courage to launch her own collection was stronger than her apprehension; her willingness to help other mothers to feel good was stronger than the challenges in front of her. 

She was ready to go beyond all what could stop her.

Extreme attention to details and old-fashion way to conceive what high-end sewing means: no rest until the dresses meet the highest quality standards. Haute-Couture standards is her leitmotiv. Sustainable and equitable are her guidelines. A human slow designer fashion is her goal.