Maison Lucine, beyond dresses.

Just between us, as mothers:

Since you had a baby, have you ever felt guilty to take time just for yourself?

Have you ever felt ugly in sweatpants and hair-bun at noon?

Have you ever felt unsure of your choices as a new mother?

Have you ever felt embarrassed to breastfeed in public?

Have you ever felt undermined to be the least well-dressed in a work meeting?

Have you ever felt humiliated to get almost naked to pump your milk?

Have you ever felt exhausted by all the "Mommy-Shamers"?

    If you have, WELCOME to Maison Lucine. We can show you how you can be beyond all this.

    Beyond feminine, beyond motherly, beyond guilt, beyond fascination, beyond perfection, beyond dresses. And more of you.

    But before, criss-cross to protect our secret.