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If our dresses go beyond the rules of maternity fashion, our brand goes beyond the rules of the fashion industry.


  • Who made my clothes: The designer personally crossed the world to meet the seamstresses, visit the factory to ensure that the production was ethical.
  • Our clothes are made cruelty-free, using only vegan material.
  • We are committed to stay in the slow-fashion movement because the fast fashion industry has been recognized one of the causes for modern slavery.
  • We work in priority with local companies and abroad, in carefully selected ethical ones.


  • Our sewing machines are activated manually
  • No waste of fabric (that also makes us offer you a surprise gift with each dress! )
  • Even our hand-tags, made out of recycled paper and organic cotton.
  • The slow fashion rhythm + very high quality = less outfit turnover = less pollution.

Women empowered

  • We work with women empowered companies because we strongly believe that mothers can do wonders if we allow them to.
  • We decided also to promote women diversity and natural beauty and brake the cliches and fashion rules. This is why you'll always find our outfit worn and presented by different body shapes, and different kind of beauty.
  • Even our seamstresses are women living in Himalaya. Why? Because their situation is difficult over there and we strongly feel we have to help if we can.

Human value

  • We believe in freedom. We are not breastfeeding activist because we believe that each mother is free of her choice and does the best she can. The last thing a new mother needs is anybody putting pressure or shame on her. We are beyond partisanship and will always fight for the right to choose how to raise one's baby.
  • We believe in human. Therefore each garment is hand-sewn, personally inspected by our careful checker, dated and signed. You can even look up the face of the loving seamstresses and discover a bit of their life. That way, each dress carries a story. Beyond a dress, a circle of life.